The Ripple Effect

Charity: water works tirelessly not only to provide access to clean drinking
water, but also to promote awareness about the millions of people in the
developing world who live without life’s most basic need. 100% of every
donated dollar is sent straight to the field, where it flows directly to the
people who need it most.

For each unit sold at Three Hundred Collins, we’ll donate $20,000 to a
Charity: water project for people in need. Because small things–like
clean water–make the biggest difference.


Here’s How It Works:

  • 01.
    You buy a property at
    Three Hundred Collins.
  • 02.
    We make a donation of
    $20,000 to charity: water
    for each property sold.
  • 03.
    This money will go toward
    building two projects: a
    School Water Project and
    a Community Water Project.
    Each will receive $10,000.
  • 04.
    You then receive regular
    updates on the progress
    and impact of our donation.
  • 05.
    Finally, you feel great about your
    purchase, and even better about
    helping the world.

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